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This program is for anyone who is seeking self-worth to elevate and create a life by design for empowerment to get away from others' expectations while living your dreams. Coaching is designed to empower you to incorporate discipline and focus on where your going. It is a transformation of the mindset that addresses growth and development no matter what your stage in life. Which means you will become aware of the internal process and let go of the past to develop new habits that will help create a reality that serves you. We will examine the Here and Now. Also, explore the obstacles that stand in your way of making progress and proceed with moving forward. We will work together to identify your intentions and goals, which will design your next steps for taking action to achieve the dreams you envision.

There are two packages offered to help you on your way to the discovery of your new journey. 

The Waiting to Exhale Package offers 18 sessions for 40 minutes, it was designed for you to be comfortable at where you are now, your starting point. It is a process of becoming familiar with who you are and what you desire for the future — being intentional and motivated to move forward into this new walk of life — envisioning the path of this journey you are about to take without the blinders. It's called shifting the mindset, changing how you process your thoughts from negative to positive.

The Exhale Package offers 36 sessions for 40 minutes, it was designed for you to put in the hard work and get ready to reap the benefits! It will empower you with clarity and discipline to focus on your intentions and goals. Dive deeply into falling in love with yourself again. You will embrace the success path you have envisioned for your future. Take action with every measurable goal without fear, moving past those obstacles that have held you back — being accountable for the steps that you take. Absorbing every moment as you walk into the greatness of achieving your goals. Last but not least, moving into the stage of exhaling with your eyes closed, head tilted back, and a smile on your face in a state of calm more like a Zen moment.

These programs was created to help you reach the dreams you envison.

  • See your goals, dreams and aspirations!
  • Understand the obstacles your facing.
  • Create a positive mental picture.
  • Clear your mind of all self doubt!
  • Embrace the challenges your about to overcome!
  • Stay focus and on track!
  • Show the world you can do it, anything is possble!

How this program works:

  • We will identify why the life your living no longer works for you.
  • We will tap into your reasons for change.
  • Visualize a clear picture of your desire for the future.
  • Take measurable short-term steps that will keep you motivated to reach the longterm goals.

Your Package will include:

Call Strategy Tool: This form is to help you prepare and make the most of our time together.

Post-Session Recap Tool: This form is so that you can deepen the learning and create new habits. It’s not just an A-HA moment, but I want to see you experience the transformation and get these results, so I’ve got a tool to support you in that area.

Private Client Portal: This is where you can post homework and if I need to review anything. If you need to ask me questions, this is how you can access me so; in between the calls you’ll have this to keep you organized so you can get your hands on exactly what you need to as we go through this journey together.

Access to additional Resources: There will be other resources that I’ll be making available through our time together to support you getting the results you want.

Recording:  You’ll have a collection of all your coaching sessions confidently & securely in your private client portal. You can access the recordings at any time and that way you can go back and listen to them again to deepen the learning, get a little more clarity. You’ll always have those sessions to fall back on.

Money Back Guarantee:

My “Participation or Get Your Money Back Guarantee”

I want you to join in the coaching experience. You have wanted this transformation, and I do not want to delay you any longer. I am going to take away any financial risk you may perceive.

If, after participating fully, you do not agree that the process of coaching is worth every penny of the price you paid just let me know anytime within the first 30 days of your coaching experience and I will promptly make arrangements to refund your credit card for the entire amount you have paid to date.

This program is about taking affirmative action to experience transformation. You must  participate fully, show up for the sessions we schedule, do the work in order to recieve the money back guarantee. If you do the work you’ll get the kind of results outlined. If you do not show up for the calls or follow through on the commitments we’ve made together; the guarantee is that it will not work for you! 

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