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Ronnetta Stokes-Wagstaff

Certified Professional Coach
CEO and Founder
One On One Life Coaching Services, LLC.




I am passionate about inspiring individuals to live in their real purpose of life. Through coaching, clients will engage in an altering of life's discovery - Transformation of the mind which will facilitates a dramatic change in your thinking process, Empowerment will enhance personal growth and success is the positive result. 

I worked for Johns Hopkins University for over 24 years. Within that time, I had become complacent in my position. I was comfortable going to a job that just paid the bills. I was giving with very little return.

Before becoming a Certified Professional Coach, I decided to do work on myself. How can I have others make withdrawals if my deposits were not completely balanced? That's where the journey began for me. I had surgery and was out for 12 weeks; within that time, I started to think there has to be more to life than waking up going to a day to day job without a purpose.

So, I began to evaluate my life; I loved each patient that I encountered daily, I enjoyed our conversations, but seeing them come into my office with negative feelings or thoughts about the challenges they faced daily and leaving with a positive upbeat. It felt great to see the smiles on their faces after our conversations.

I started digging deeper within myself and figuring out not my passion, but what my gift and purpose is. So, I asked myself what do I enjoy doing that takes the least amount of effort, and it just comes naturally? I discovered I'm a giver. I love to see others happy and changing negatives into positives. The Transformation of the mind started; I begin to take ownership and be accountable. I have learned to live in my truth. This mindset shift was vital it helped me to dive deep within and find that inner person that was hiding all those years. I learned things about myself that I had no idea. I realized I do have dreams and aspiration but never pursued them. Being wrapped up in making sure everyone around me was taken care of, I begin to lose myself. Any plans I had were on hold; I did not see myself as a priority.

Today I know my value and my net worth. Becoming the CEO of my life is a beautiful feeling. I'm living unapologetically and being consciously aware of who I am. Transformation granted me the empowerment to become the bold and confident woman I am today

One of my favorite scriptures is Ephesians 3:20 - "God will do Exceedingly, Abundantly Above All."  Everyone has a purpose, a calling and dreams to fulfill for their lives. Sadly that's where it stops for many.  It’s time to stop dreaming and start living those visions. Remove the dreams from your head and bring them into reality.

I "Aspire to Inspire," people of all walks of life to move into their destiny and purpose. Where you are now is not your final destination. The sky is not the limit remove the lid off the jar; you can go above and beyond.

Here is where your coach steps in to help you become motivated and dig deeper into the inner you. There’s more to life than what is on the surface. Let's start with a transformation of the mind. Changing your mindset is the key to success. It's time to revive and jump-start who you aspire to become.

Let’s take that leap of faith together into a New Journey.  

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